About Interior Environmental Solutions, Inc

Interior Environmental Solutions, Inc. (IES), serving Palm Beach County, Florida,  is a professional service company with over thirty years of experience in resolving indoor air quality and restoration problems within building interiors and exteriors.

A large part of our business has been in the removal of lint and debris from within ventilation systems.  In recent years we have developed procedures and equipment for the efficient removal of lint from within clothes dryers and their associated duct systems.

The majority of our work today is centered around these clothes dryers and associated  ductwork systems.  Most appliance manufactures as well as fire professionals recommend that these systems be maintained on an annual basis.  The lint buildup in these systems is a fire hazard and it is important that this accumulated lint be thoroughly removed.

IES has successfully completed projects in a wide range of properties:  Commercial-industrial, single family homes, apartment – condo units, high rises, senior facilities (independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care), hospitality, hospitals, and municipalities.

If you would like to contact us for an appointment telephone us, in Palm Beach County Florida, at 561-736-7140.  If you would prefer email: information@interiorenvironmental.com

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